Client Criteria in Choosing an Architect in Bali

Obtaining projects from clients is something that is expected to continue to happen in the continuity of an architectural service. To that end, the architects will always improve the quality of their designs and work to maintain the trust of their clients. Often because of the focus on work, many architects do not know what the client is looking for in an architect.

By knowing the client criteria when it comes to choosing an architect, you can establish yourself as the architect that the client wants the most, without sacrificing your personality of course. Thus, the client’s chances of accepting your project will be more open. Here are some client criteria in choosing an architect summarized from the book Architects: The ACandid Career Guide by Roger K. Lewis.

1.    Professional, certified and experienced

Of course, a client will choose to entrust his project to the services of a professional architect, especially for clients with large-scale networks. In Indonesia, to carry out a project, the Certificate of Architectural Expertise (SKA) issued by IAI has become a mandatory requirement for every architect.

Also, with the recent enactment of the Architects Act, buildings designed by architects without certification will most likely not pass the IMB. For this reason, taking care of this certification is something that every architect should do.

  1. Creative, intelligent, and stylish

Architects are considered a profession that requires high creativity just like architects in Bali. For this reason, creativity and intelligence in processing space can be a criterion for distinguishing clients when choosing an architect. Usually the client will see the previous work.

In addition to creativity and intelligence in design, clients will also choose architects according to their favorite style. For example, clients who prefer modern-style buildings will definitely look for architects who also often produce modern-style designs.

  1. Have integrity and a good attitude

Integrity and good attitude are also part of the client’s criteria in choosing an architect. This integrity and attitude can be judged by the seriousness of the architect in designing, his persistence in meeting the needs and desires of the client, as well as the way he deals with the client.

Information about the integrity and attitude of an architect can be learned from the stories of previous clients who have been handled by the architect. It can be said that the profession of architects is more developed thanks to word of mouth. Clients who have a good impression of the integrity and attitude of an architect will definitely tell it to others. From there, the reputation of an architect in Bali will be built.

  1. Good performance and able to meet customer expectations

The performance of an architect is very important for the client. Usually this is closely related to the architect’s ability to meet the needs and desires of clients through the design they produce. In addition, good performance in the eyes of clients can also be attributed to a timely work schedule and the ability to build within agreed funding limits. The good performance of the architect can also be shown from the long list of previous clients who are satisfied with the results of his design.

  1. The cost of appropriate design services

The question of cost is actually a rather sensitive criterion for both the client and the architect. On the other hand, the most ideal clients for an architect are those who are willing to pay anything for an agreed project. But on the other hand, in order to meet his needs and desires, often clients do not understand that architects need a lot of money.

The more the architect has to meet all the needs of the client, the more the construction costs increase. According to the architect-cost table compiled by IAI Jakarta, there are certain tariffs that do not include construction costs to be paid such as design services for architects. Therefore, as construction costs increase, so do architects’ costs.

The above five factors are the criteria that most clients consider when choosing an architect. You can use the above criteria as a guide to position yourself as an architect according to the wishes of your clients in general. If vice versa if you are a client then you can choose an architect in Bali to do all the construction you want, you can choose Contractor Architect Bali