About Us


We are integrated architect, interior designer, and construction company  under PT. Archiola Raya Cipta. We are focus on creating innovative human-oriented building and interior. Collecting many experiences from many commercial and residential have sharpen our intuitive in aesthetic and technical aspect of architecture, interior and engineering. Our projects encompass of residential, commercial spaces, hotels, offices, apartments and resorts. 

Adhering to principle that good design is good business. We examine all physical and non-physical aspects of each project we do. We works always on certain approach in order to have products and services that connected to their function and environment. We consistently creating good communication and always work together with our client, consultant and specialist to achieve project which best for our client’s investment. 


Archiola is technology and innovation driven company . We always apply the latest technology for every activity in the project. We use BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology in the planning, analysis, estimation and implementation of the projects we are working on. BIM provides convenience in collaboration between fields in the project and increases the accuracy of planning and implementation. The application of the latest information and technology has made Archiola always one step ahead in providing high quality services and products. 


 Indonesian Institute of Architects

Asosiasi Kontraktor Konstruksi Indonesia (Indonesia Construction Contractor Association)