Knowing How to Calculate the Architect Fee Bali

Architect services are not limited to the design of the physical structure of the house. By using the services of an architect, the house can be built efficiently. Both structures, building materials, and budgets will be provided during the construction of the house.

A good design is needed so that a place of residence can be a decent place to live, both in terms of comfort and health and safety of the building. So, hiring the services of an architect to design your home is the right way. By using the services of architects, planning, and development become more optimal and workmanship errors can be minimized.

Before choosing the architect in Bali of your choice, you can estimate architect fee in Bali first. Curious about the cost of architectural services? Before discussing more about the cost of the architect, and how to calculate it, here is an explanation of how to calculate the cost of the right architect services for your needs.

Calculation and Cost of The Most Common Architectural Services in Indonesia

The calculation of the cost of architectural services in Indonesia is usually determined by the Indonesian Architects Association (IAI). The cost of the architect is influenced by the total cost of construction and the category of the type of work expected to be built. Both of these aspects will be considered before determining the cost of the architect’s services.

For fees paid, the clients involved will receive architectural services from the planning, development, and periodic monitoring stages. For more details on how the costs and rates of architect services in Indonesia will be explained further in the points below.

Architect Services Costs Based on Cost Budget Plan

Architects are most often used with reference to the budget plan of the construction of the house. But in addition, it is necessary to know the category of buildings to be built, because this will also affect the cost of the architect that applies.

Further explanation, the types of buildings are based on the level of difficulty and usefulness. The building category is divided into five classes including special and social building classes, building classes 1, 2, and 3. Each category includes the percentage of rates charged to architects.

Private residential buildings are classified in Category 3. Below, an example of calculating architect fee Bali based on the budget plan for the construction of private residences.

If the budget to build a private house is Rp 300 million, with a category 3 cost, the calculation of the cost of architect services is as follows:

RAB for home IDR 300,000

Architect rate (category 3) 8% x Rp 300,000,000 = Rp 24,000,000.

So, the price of architect services with a budgeted budget according to the budget plan of Rp 300 million is Rp 24 million.

Architect Services Costs Based on Square Area

The following calculations are based on the area per square meter of the building under construction. The cost of architect services per meter usually ranges from 150 – 800,000 / m2.

If the building is made as a private residence (included in category 3) and the total amount of the budget plan is Rp 200 million, then the cost of the architect charged is:

8% x Rp. 200,000,000 = Rp16,000,000

However, some architects may apply prices below and above from the general rate. This is often influenced by the ability of previous architectural experience and portfolios.

From the two payment options of the above architects, it can be concluded that when building a new house, renovating a house has an additional cost. However, if you think about it, if you try to save a budget and design your own design without enough knowledge, you will probably spend more money. Because, maybe the result will not be perfect.

In this way, consulting an architect will definitely save more. In short, using a service is the same as a long-term investment, because the planning is increasingly advanced and thorough.

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