Get a Minimalist Home Interior Design at Interior Design Bali

Interior design is a branchof art that deals with the layout and design of spaces in a building. An interior designer graduated with a major in interior design. For this, if you want the best interior design, you can use interior design Bali services

According to Simon Dodsworth, the goal of interior design is to allow people, as users of space, to move efficiently and feel more comfortable in a room. This means that compared to other branches of art, interior designers prioritize the beauty of a room or building for comfort, unity, and optimal use.

In interior design itself, three elements are used as a composition reference, namely space, tools, and people (users). Items included in the ranks of interior designers start with the layout of the room. color selection, furniture, the lighting used, ceiling, floor. This arrangement and placement will later affect the appearance and atmosphere that will be formed in a room.

Having a comfortable and attractive bedroom is everyone’s dream, be it an office or a room in the house. However, this is what people often struggle with because they can’t make the design they want on their own.

Architecture interior design, also known as architectural interior design, is something that needs to be considered when building a house. Usually, many people only spend a large part of their budget on exterior development and leave little for the interior.

Interior design is important because, with a comfortable interior design, you can feel at home in a room. Therefore, if you are planning to build a house, try to consider the internal architectural design and not just the exterior design.

Minimalist Home Interior Design

Minimalist home interior design is indeed an option because of the contemporary design style. This style is suitable for those of you who have a house with a limited area or a small house in a cluster.

Here you will be given inspiration for minimalist home interior designs for you and later you can consult with interior design Bali services. The designs that were brought in started from the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, to the yard.

1.    Living Room with Open Concept

This living room is integrated with the dining room as well as the kitchen in an open concept, a design that is starting to be liked. The interior design of a minimalist house type 36 is indeed suitable for a house that has a building area of ​​​​36 m2.

2.    Comfortable Sitting Room

The design of a sitting room like this is very comfortable, the room will also show a minimalist home interior design. Indeed, there are not many items and knick-knacks in the room, there are only a few chair cushions and plants.

3.    A Sufficiently Spacious Bedroom

For a minimalist home interior design this bedroom, it will show a room that is quite spacious, neat, and orderly. Not only that, this bedroom does not display a lot of makeup and shows a minimalist side.

4.    Beautiful Minimalist Kitchen

This kitchen is very charming, can’t you consult a Balinese interior design service if you want it? There is a kitchen set, a bar table, and a kitchen table with a mixture of dark and brown colors. It can be said that this kitchen is suitable for a minimalist type 45 house interior design, for a residence with a building area of ​​45 m2.

5.    Minimalist Bedroom

This bedroom is indeed minimalist, there is no makeup, just a play of color on the sheets, blankets, and small pillows. Well, it can be claimed that the interior design of this minimalist type 45 house is indeed suitable for a bedroom for a 45 m2 house.

Here are some minimalist home interior designs that can be your inspiration. Ready to apply it in your minimalist home? You want to get the best interior design treats according to your wishes, you can get it in Balinese interior design and you can visit it directly Contractor Architect Bali.