Affordable House Building: Understanding Bali Construction Costs

Nowadays it feels very difficult to build a house at a low cost. Because building materials are expensive. But, if you want, it can actually reduce the cost of building a house. You can see the services of building contractors in Bali and the cost construction Bali. So get the right advice without sacrificing the design and sturdiness of the building.

The construction of a house cannot be planned in advance. There must be careful preparation, starting from the time, effort, mind, and cost. For those who have never built a house, they certainly do not know what steps to take when building a house. Well, here are the steps to build a house that works!

5 Tips for Reducing Construction Costs in Bali

There are several effective ways to keep down the cost of building a home, Here’s how:

Accurate Planning and Budgeting

Disclose all the house plans you want with contractors in Bali. Explain in detail the concept of the house you want, the size of the building, the target period, and the shape of the house. Contractor services usually already know how to budget appropriately for the house you are referring to. You still have to check it out.

Just choose a minimalist design

If your budget is limited and want to save money, build a house with a minimalist design. In addition, currently minimalist homes are trending and popular because they are cost-effective, there is no need to worry about the maintenance. Key a minimalist home is creating a multifunctional room. For example, the kitchen can be one with a dining room and so on.

Building Materials Price Survey

If you have ever used the services of a contractor in Bali will certainly also know the cost construction Bali, you also have to do a survey of the price of building materials. Go to the construction site and ask about the price of the materials you need.

Or in this digital era, you can research material prices online. Indeed, many hardware stores have moved their businesses online. When investigating, compare from one hardware store to another. Find the cheapest with the same quality of materials. This way you can reduce the cost of materials that affect all construction costs.

Make sure you pay the building contractor a large amount

If you use a contractor in Bali, builders will definitely get paid a large amount. You can see the cost of the building from the budget proposal submitted for the construction of the house.

Make it gradually

If you really have to, you can build your home gradually. For example, the first year, create a bedroom, bathroom, and living room. Then came the kitchen, terrace, and other rooms. Also pay attention to how sturdy the building is even if you build gradually and make sure the next building does not damage the previous building. Or the previous building does not complicate the next building. Or for example, not all walls need to be polished beforehand to save money. Also consult this with experts.

The Cost of Building a Minimalist Home in General

If you want to know how much it costs to build a minimalist home per square meter, try to pay attention to some of the things below:

  • If you plan to build a house with an area of 100 m2, the cost required is around 300-350 million rupiahs
  • As for buildings with an area of 101-300 m2, the cost will be higher, around Rp 325 to Rp 375 million.
  • For building types with an area above 300 m2, the cost of building a minimalist house should be between Rp 350 million to Rp 400 million or even more than that price.

Nowadays buying a good house by way of credit is very easy. However, building a house from scratch can make you happier than buying a ready-made house. Because, you can realize the concept of home as you like.

Of course, with your own design choices, it will make you more comfortable. You can also use Contractor Architect Bali and here you will know the cost construction Bali so you can prepare your budget to build a house and others.

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